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swedish championship - normal hill

Alexander Mitz won today's Swedish Championship (normal hill) ahead of Carl Nordin and Josef Larsson

result swedish championship

swedish championship

coc bischofshofen 29-1-2012

30 - carl nordin
70 - alexander mitz
72 - josef larsson

links to the liveticker coc b'hofen

for saturday and sunday

liveticker sat and sun - coc b'hofen

coc b'hofen

carl nordin, josef larsson & alexander mitz

result training 27.1.2012

startlist coc 28.1.2012

coc sapporo


carl nordin: 46th
alexander mitz: 34th

COC sapporo

20.1.2012 carl nordin: 29th alexander mitz: DSQ 21.1.2012 alexander mitz: 31st carl nordin: 47th

coc sapporo

Fredrik Balkaasen Carl Nordin

fredrik balkåsen result buff nc lillehammer

7.1.2012 - 7th 8.1.2012 - 12th


carl talking about skijumping - in swedish

carl nordin -

carl nordin - training vm midstubakken

article from swedish ski assiocation

check it out...


result coc erzurum 18.12.2011 LH

carl nordin 26th fredrik balkåsen - 47th

startlist coc erzurum 18.12.2011

training: 12am CET

first round 1pm - CET
first round

coc erzurum NH result

carl nordin 25th fredrik balkåsen 49th

coc erzurum postponed

todays coc is postponed du problems with floodlight till tomorrow morning 9am CET.

startlist coc erzurum 17.12.2011

startlist 17.12.2011

result training coc erzurum 16.12.2011

training coc erzurum

result coc 14.12.11 - almaty

carl nordin - 34th fredrik balkåsen - 52nd

result coc almaty 13.12.11

41th carl nordin

56th fredrik balkåsen