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Vote for Atle Pedersen Rønsen (NOR)/Skijumping - Diabetes Foundation

I have special request:
I run also 3 other partnersites (norwegian skijumpers) and one of the Athletes Atle Pedersen Rønsen has Diabetes.
He got nominated from Bayer Diabetes Care for a foundation of 60.000 NOK.
I would be appreaciated if you could vote for him.

voting Link:


Provisional jumping calendar COC Men 2011 - summer

02.07.2011 Kranj 109 Si COC
03.07.2011 Kranj 109 Si COC
09.07.2011 Stams 115 At COC
10.07.2011 Stams 115 At COC
30.07.2011 Courchevel 132 Fr COC
31.07.2011 Courchevel 132 Fr COC
10.09.2011 Trondheim 140 No COC
11.09.2011 Trondheim 140 No COC
17.09.2011 Erzurum 140 Tr COC
18.09.2011 Erzurum 140 Tr COC
24.09.2011 Klingenthal 140 De COC
25.09.2011 Klingenthal 140 De COC

SSF is looking for a Team Manager for the national team

SSF is looking for a teammanager for the section skijumping.

more on


Provisional jumping calendar 2011

Summer GP

17.07. Sun Wisla POL Opening
20.07. Wed Szczyrk POL night
22.07. Fri Zakopane POL night Team BeTa - Tour
23.07. Sat Zakopane POL night
07.08. Sun Hinterzarten GER
12.08. Fri Courchevel FRA night
14.08. Sun Einsiedeln SUI night
26.08. Fri Hakuba JPN night
27.08. Sat Hakuba JPN night
30.08 Tue Almaty KAZ night
01.10. Sat Hinzenbach AUT
03.10. Mon Klingenthal GER night Final

Worldcup Men

25.11.2011 Kuusamo 142 Fi WC/Team
26.11.2011 Kuusamo 142 Fi WC
03.12.2011 Lillehammer 138 No WC
04.12.2011 Lillehammer 138 No WC
09.12.2011 Harrachov 142 Cz WC
10.12.2011 Harrachov 142 Cz WC/Team
11.12.2011 Harrachov 142 Cz WC
17.12.2011 Engelberg 137 Ch WC
18.12.2011 Engelberg 137 Ch WC
30.12.2011 Oberstdorf 137 De 4HT
01.01.2012 Garmisch-Partenkirchen 140 De 4HT
04.01.2012 Innsbruck 130 At 4HT
06.01.2012 Bischofshofen 140 At 4HT
14.01.2012 Bad Mitterndorf 200 At SFWC
15.01.2012 Bad Mitterndorf 200 At SFWC
20.01.2012 Zakopane 134 Pl WC
21.01.2012 Zakopane 134 Pl WC
28.01.2012 Sapporo 134 Jp WC
29.01.2012 Sapporo 134 Jp WC
04.02.2012 Predazzo 134 It WC
05.02.2012 Predazzo 134 It WC
11.02.2012 Willingen 145 De TT
12.02.2012 Willingen 145 De TT
15.02.2012 Klingenthal 140 De TT
18.02.2012 Oberstdorf 213 De SFWC/TT
19.02.2012 Oberstdorf 213 De SFWC/TT/Team
24.02.2012 Vikersund 225 No SFWM
25.02.2012 Vikersund 225 No SFWM
26.02.2012 Vikersund 225 No SFWM/Team
03.03.2012 Lahti 130 Fi WC/Team
04.03.2012 Lahti 130 Fi WC
09.03.2012 Trondheim 140 No WC
11.03.2012 Oslo 134 No WC
16.03.2012 Planica 215 Si SFWC
17.03.2012 Planica 215 Si SFWC/Team
18.03.2012 Planica 215 Si SFWC
WC = FIS Worldcup
4HT = Four Hills Tournament
SFWC = Skiflying Worldcup
TT = FIS Team Tour
WM = World Championship does not count to the Worldcup
NWC = Nordic Tournament
OG = Olympic Gamesdoes not count to the Worldcup


not published yet



Ladies jumping 2014 in Sochi

The International Olypmic Commitee (IOC) agreed the Ladies to compete in the discipline skijumping for the next Olympic Games 2014 in the russian Sochi.


Impressum is updated

off season & no actual news yet..

I try to do my very best to keep svenskahopp updated during off season.
As there are no actual news yet about the team 2011/2011.

If you have any news, etc, pics contact me, I can put them also online.

check out "Über" thread....

tack så mycket

General Infos

some infos from myself:

now when the off season starts, I will my very best to keep that site updated.

I'm travelling to Stockholm in June and I plan a daytrip to Falun, so I will do my best making photos from the jumping hill there.

Don't hestimate to contact me, if you have any tipps about the fansite.


Article about Fredrik swedish champion 2011

source Holmens IF

in swedish:

complete Album Team Sweden COC Titisee-Neustadt 2011

failed Qualification - Planica Skiflying

Carl Nordin & Fredrik Balkåsen failed the todays qualification.

final result from qualification:

Fredrik Balkåsen 46th

Carl Nordin 50th

Startlist Qualification Skiflying Planica

BIB 7  -  Carl Nordin

BIB 15 - Fredrik Balkåsen

lycka till Carl och Fredrik


Result of qualification will be published later afternoon, after qualification day. Be patient .....

Article about the swedish championship


in swedish

general Info

unfortunately I can't follow qualification Planica via Live-Ticker and update the results so fast. So please be patient with the update on thursday.
Thanks in advance.
If you have any questions, requests or just a note - don't hestimate contact me via eMail or contact formular.

complete Results swedish championships Sollefteå 2011



Fredrik Balkåsen - swedish champion large Hill

Fredrik Balkåsen is swedish champion from Large Hill in Sollefteå.

Source Article:

2. Carl Nordin
3. Josef Larsson


After Informations from the Geman Coach Wolfgang Hartmann those 2 jumpers will compete in Planica:

Carl Nordin
Fredrik Balkåsen

Swedish championships

IF Friska Viljor won the todays team competition at the swedish championship in Sollefteå.

Carl Nordin finished 2nd at the single competition.

As soon as i get the the final results, i will publish them.